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Hello. Welcome to Online Learning.
This site is, first and foremost, a resource for students and teachers of mathematics. All resources are openly available and free to use and download by anyone.

How to...
The skill videos are created and available in formats that are used by ipods, mp3 players and cellphones with video. The basic model of education that is being developed here is centred on the technology that students bring with them to class, not the technologies that are imposed upon the students by the school and their teachers.

Students are encouraged to download whatever videos they need to use, and to use their phones, mp3 players or cameras as study aids. Self-marking, textbook-style problems for some skills are linked from the button under each video link.



25 January 2013 The lessons menu has been enlarged to include other strands of the curriculum. Lesson videos for specific topics will be added progressively as they become available. These will be converted from Keynotes that I will be producing for my classroom teaching. Similarly, with the new range of standards now in place for senior statistics, my lessons will also be posted, with the UE/Scholarship stats page ebcoming a more complete resource archive.

18 January 2012 All intended Proprofs assessments are now complete and linked from the videos. During this year I will begin to edit down the senior statistics lessons, breaking them apart into smaller, topic-specific videos. Alas, these have a significant English language content. But then, if you are reading this, then it won't really matter, will it?

24 January 2011 The start of the enablement of students to learn anywhere that they have internet access. As the archive of Proprofs assessments has grown, I have linked each assessment to the appropriate video. Students can now begin to be liberated from face-to-face classrooms and the need to use physical textbooks for practice problems. They can practice each skill and receive real-time marking for each question that they answer all online.During the next year I will be creating new Proprofs activities to complete the learning cycle contained on this site.

25 July 2010 A new addition to the site is to be found under the homework tab. The online assessment tab opens a menu of assessments made using the Proprof.com website. Each test is auto-marked and a printable certificate generated with your name and score. No results are emailed to me, and you can do each test as many times as you want. The ideal study aid!

16 May 2010 The original QuickTIme videos (.mov) have been removed and replaced with embedded Flash videos, which can be downloaded directly, and with .3gp videos linked to the video titles. The .3gp format is the compressed .mp4 format used by cellphones.

online aids

The link to other folks' manipulatives gives access to many Java applets and manipulatives that other teachers and programmers have created to practice and demonstrate different skills and concepts. Each of these are credited as appropriate, and are to be used within the browser window, and not for download.


the forum link is to an open-access discussion forum for site users. Any comments or suggestions, let me know through the contact link form.


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